at May 12 – 14, 2016 

will take place the international conference


”Modern aspects of dermatology and dermatoscopy in diagnostics of skin diseases”


Conference organizers:

Support of the conference is provided by: medical school Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia, Department of dermatology medical University of Vienna, Austria

Dear  colleagues !

at May 12-14, 2016 in Tbilisi will take place the international conference  « Modern aspects of dermatology and dermatoscopy in diagnostics of skin diseases»

During the conference the invited experts from Austria – H.Kittler and  Ph. Chandl ( Department of dermato-venereology of Medical University of Vienna ) will provide the seminar - master class "School of Dermoscopy – skin cancer") for interested colleagues working in this field. School-seminar will run over two days, on completion the participants will receive  an international certificate, as well are possible free consultation  of patients.

For participation in the conference are invited physicians of various specialties ( dermatologists, oncologists, general and onco-surgeons, internists and general practitioners), as well as  representatives of the Ministry of Health, insurance companies and  medical community concerned as from the Georgian regions and from abroad ( 100 – 120 participants).

Due to the fact that this conference is a jubilee one marking the 15th anniversary of the founding of one of the organizers – medical center "Marjani" – are invited also invited the guests and partners of the clinic. By the end of the conference, participants can attend the anniversary banquet.

For participation in the conference and seminar is required pre-registration within a specified time. Each registered participant will receive a certificate.

Please be informed that:

  1. participation in the conference is free, but persons wishing to obtain a certificate of participation, should pay the cost amounting to  30 Euro.
  2. for  speakers and presentations – the cost of the appropriate certificate and printed work in a scientific journal -200 Euro
  3.  the cost of participation in the seminar:
    • foreign participants  - 350 Euro
  4. participation in the banquet - 50 Euro       

Sponsorship of commercial companies:
1. "gold sponsor" of the conference – 3 000 Euro
2. “general sponsor”  –  2 000 Euro
3. “main sponsor” –  1000 Euro
4. installing of the stand (promotional materials) throughout the period of the conference  - 250 Euro
5. information and advertising presentation (10 minutes) – 250 Euro


Above mentioned amounts should be transferred to the Bank account of the Association "Dermatooncology, dermatoscopy and skin optical diagnostics" (foreign currency account in Euro) or in Georgian Lari in accordance with the rate established by the National Bank of Georgia on the day of transfer.


Note: sponsors enjoy certain privileges – the installation of the stand, indicating the name of the sponsor company in the printed materials and digital products ( announcement on the website, invitation tickets, promotional flyers etc.), presentation.

  1. for "Gold sponsor" the privilege is also free participation in the seminar for five participants
  2. for “General sponsor” the privilege is also free participation in the seminar for three participants
  3. for the main sponsor the privilege is also installment of a stand, notification of the company on printed materials, presentation, indication of the sponsoring company


If you decide to participate in the conference , individuals and organizations should inform the organizing Committee about the decision until March 1, 2016.


Goals and objectives of the conference:


• to consider and discuss the pressing issues and problems of modern dermatology, the issues related to optical diagnosis of skin diseases, relationship of dermatoses with internal pathology and the modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases
• to consider and discuss issues of early diagnosis of skin lesions, screening and prevention, the correlation of dermatoscopic and morphological parameters and relationship with internal pathology.
• to provide an opportunity for dermatologists, oncologists, surgeons and internists to understand the possibilities and means of optical diagnostics of skin.
• within the conference to provide an opportunity for medical audience to present developments and the results of their own research


address 3 Ateni street, Tbilisi
phone: 2 24 10 99
Facebook: Marjani Marjani Marjani